9 Tips to Improve Customer Experience

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 3:01 pm | 3 min read

In an age where competition in many digital-oriented companies is stronger than ever, business-to-consumer interaction becomes increasingly important. Enterprises worldwide are focusing on customer experience, appreciating the value of better understanding their behavior. The fact that 60% of consumers express they are willing to pay more money for a better experience leaves little room for the dilemma of whether CX (customer-experience) investment is a smart business move.

However, a recent survey showed that 72% of marketers are concerned that they “don’t have the right skills“ to compete in the new CX landscape. Nevertheless, 74% of marketers say that they expect investments to significantly rise in 2020, while only 8% declare they expect a drop in their customer experience budget.

Having in mind these fast-growing changes, companies should consider introducing some keynotes to satisfy and meet the dynamic of customer demands adequately.

User-Friendly Experience

Customize your platform, app, or a website to meet the needs of simplicity, clarity, and optimacy. Developing a front-end that will impact what the visitors think of you will only work to your advantage.

Try to exclude technical and too complicated phrases, since you may leave your visitors confused. Talk to your audience directly and straightforwardly. Consider taking advantage of customer demands and choices, as well as their feedback, to enhance the entire experience.

Don’t Ignore Criticism

Using customer reactions also refers to not ignoring negative feedback. If you come across a negative comment on your social media page, do not ignore it, or worst, delete it. Instead, join the conversation, whether it’s a positive critique or a bad review – and offer solutions. Show that you care. Applying feedback to improve your delivery should be a highlight in customer communication.


Monitor Social Media

One of the main elements is constant communication with your audience. If you have a digital presence, devoted listening to their reactions to your content and products is a must. A way of monitoring public responses is – you guessed it – social media. Do not forget that this is also a safe space of pre-purchase research – many people explore specific products on social media, and they may ask a question that you do not want to miss. In fact, 67% of consumers have engaged a brand’s social media for customer service needs.

Improve Response Time

Did you know that 62% of companies do not respond to customer emails? A fundamental approach in communication is to address all customer correspondence in a timely matter. It would be best if you never kept them waiting – because a fast response makes your customers feel important.

Offer Quality Support

Everyone wishes to enable their customers with a memorable experience and good-quality service. Ensure that what you offer is backed up with quality support. Handling your audience and buyers on every channel you appear on, boosts your chances of leaving them truly satisfied.

Save Their Time

According to Forbes, chatbots are a great way to save your customer’s time. Building loyalty by offering a consistent form of communication can drastically improve your business success. Chatbots can also play a fundamental role in personalizing UX (User Experience) – by listening to customers’ individual needs, it can provide relevant tips and customized answers fast. For example, Sephora’s chatbot asks customers to take a brief quiz before continuing their interaction. Based on their answers, it tells them which products are best for them and provides actionable tips.


Create How-To Videos

Interest in digital videos is only getting bigger –in the US alone, 28% of all viewing time is spent online. Use this vast audience and address your business or a product in a form that they are used to seeing. Create how-to videos to demonstrate your service and how your audience can benefit from it.

Measure Number of Comments And Likes

This is the best way to track customer reactions to your content. You can have a significant number of followers online, but if they do not engage with your announcements, maybe some things need improvements. If you are lacking in time of tracking public reactions, social listening tools can assist you to pay extra attention and not miss your audience’s needs.

Take Care of Your Employees

A happy customer also means a happy employee. It is hard to have one without the other. Even if it is possible, aiming at the most productive outcome for all parties involved requires that your staff is content. If your team trusts you and believes in your product, they will adequately deliver to third parties.

Concentrating on developing and maintaining satisfying CX will serve you in managing a successful business. Just ask yourself a question – what does my client want, and how can I deliver the best possible outcome? In the end, it is crucial to remember – customer matters more than ever before.

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