Analytics Overview

Cross-reference any type of data and analytics to get just the right information
you need to grow your business or brand. By using a combination of our features
you will get all answers you need about your market and competitors.
These are just few of them.


Sentiment Analysis

Emotions rule the market. Sometimes, knowing whether they are positive or negative can make an instant change in your market position. Be alerted when emotions shift and react in real-time, averting crisis instead of managing it.

Deep Sentiment

Detect and recognize the emotions behind actions, while conducting research on the topic of your interest. Deep sentiment shows, not only if emotions are positive or negative, but also how strong they are and just how familiar the public is with the topic you are analyzing. As a result you have precise information on the emotional spectrum pertaining to your topic.

Word Cloud

Knowing how people feel can make you question what they say. Presented in a word cloud, you will find the exact and most frequent terms your audience is using when talking about you, so you can address them and resolve any issue you might have. Seeing patterns in these ocurrences, you can predict and prepare for any future changes and plan for the next big thing.


Associated Terms

Find the precise associations people have when talking about you or your brand. With one of our latest features you can see just what words people are applying to your topic of interest. Use this information to adapt your communication strategy and use the right words for your campaign.


Besides knowing what they say about you, find out who is talking and what kind of influence this person has. Visualize networks between key authors who are posting about your topic. By digging deeper, you can find whether they are connected with your competitors.

Custom Terms

Get new information by cross-referencing your own data and provide information you weren’t able to see. Reduce costs, optimize resources and improve logistic domain. Identify problems and remove the factor of human mistake by completely automating production section monitoring process.

Geographic Visualization

Explore how your topic is perceived in different parts of the World. Our algorithm gathers and cross-references information from various sources, all countries and any language you need. Detect trend changes and adjust your global strategy accordingly.