What is easy2know?

Easy2know is a Big Data analytics company – your new go-to when it comes to support and insightful facts that will help you to grow your brand, increase sales, raise brand awareness or simply monitor the world of data, conversations and stories mentioning your name, brand or any topic you’re interested in.

Who uses easy2know?

What makes easy2know unique is that we offer various solutions for both small and large companies – our business models cover the whole range of customer needs. Our value is valuing everyone. We give the little guy a chance. We provide big guys with knowledge. We help the middle man to rise.


What kind of technology does easy2know use?

By combining mathematics and psychology, easy2know has developed an algorithm that tracks, reads and analyses billions of available online data to provide the deepest social insight. It is a unique artificial intelligence that is special by the way it educates algorithms to classify new terms and turn them into real results in a matter of seconds. In the world of data, mathematics is the most reliable adviser since it’s using the right measurements for providing instant results.

What is Deep Sentiment?

Deep Sentiment is an in-debth analysis that shows your topic’s position by public’s familiarity, arousal and emotions. You have an unique opportunity to track your topics movement in the coordinate system, which will enable you to see if you are moving in the right direction. Coordinate system consists of three dimensions – Familiarity, Arousal, and Sentiment. In
other words, it is a representation of how much are people familiar with your research topic (Familiarity), are emotions towards it positive or negative (Sentiment) and how strong is the public arousal toward your research topic (Arousal).


What is the difference between easy2know platform and Google analytics?

Google analytics is based on tracking statistics only for your website, therefore it is not collecting conversations all over the web. Easy2know tracs what people write about zour query.

Can we have insight into IP address of profiles in Influencers analysis?

No, we can’t collect IP adresses. This is considered private data and it is not legal.

Which Internet sources can we track?

We track the Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Disqus, Trip Advisor, VKontakte, Reddit, website content, website comments, and forums…

Why can’t we collect all the information from Facebook?

We are collecting only publicly available information on Facebook.

How many languages are available?

Easy2know can analyze basic metrics in any language, with 37 languages supporting basic Sentiment. Deep Sentiment analysis is currently available in English.

Do we have limits for keywords, topics, alerts, members, filters, etc.?

This is based upon a package you choose.

Is it possible to track information from the on-line applications?

Yes, on a demand.

How long do you keep track of already collected post?

Updates on the already collected post are updated for the next 5 days.