Who is EMMA

Quick and actionable information that will guide your new or established brand towards success.
Know how people feel about your brand and learn where do you stand compared to your biggest competitors.
Making life easier by using the state of the art technology, saving time and resources.
Choose a topic and the solution will do the rest giving you all the answers on a single page.

Unique Artificial Intelligence Approach

EMMA is Unique Artificial Intelligence which helps us analyze and classify billions of online data. This engine powers software that thinks, learns, monitors and analyzes data relevant for your business or brand.

This unique concept was developed by IT professionals collaborating with mathematics, psychology and linguistics experts.

Using power of custom algorithms, EMMA takes into account and processes numerous aspects of relevant data, such as language forms, meanings, context, human emotions and its components, turning them into actionable results.

In the world of big data, we strongly believe EMMA will prove itself as one of the most reliable business consultants.

Big data analysis business growth


In order to collect and analyze data, EMMA uses publicly available information from all over the web.

Emma data analysis engine

Key metrics

Deep sentiment analysis

Collaboration with psychologists and linguists has resulted in this unique multi-dimensional construct. The platform will provide you with in-depth data on, not only sentiment itself, but how the required topic is quoted in the minds of people and what you should do about it.

Deep sentiment

Associated terms

Detect associations that people connect with your brand, business or any topic you choose to research. Having these terms in mind, you will always be one step ahead when creating your content strategy, and also have valuable insight that will help you to adjust and improve your messaging.

Related keywords


People are talking about your business. Find out who they are and the extent of their impact on the online community. Also, find how people are connected with your business and your competition.

Influence detection


In the sea of online data, discover mentions that are important to you and which can help you to improve your strategy. Discover stories that mention your name, brand or any topic you’re interested in.

easy2know online mentions dash

All metrics

engagement metiric
Total number of reactions (likes, shares and comments) to your content
gender data analysis
The ratio of genders mentioning your topic
queries metrics
The list of all queries of the research where your topic is mentioned
Big data reach metric
The number of people impacted by your content
Source data analysis
Online sources where your topic is most frequently mentioned
Big data thermometer
Number of words connected with your topic, repeating in positive, negative or neutral categories
TOM analysis
TOM Frequency
Number of words connected with your topic, repeating in positive, negative or neutral categories