Platform Access

Get all the answers you need summed up in one dashboard that you can explore, analyze and use to monitor, control and improve your brand reputation.

With the access to all public conversations, you can easily sort through valuable information with various in­-debth research tools.By choosing easy2know platform access model, you will get crucial information such as general public opinion, people’s emotions towards any product or topic and sources their focus group mostly uses, as an useful guideline for where to direct any campaign

Platform access allows you to thoroughly investigate data, fine­tune your research, overview the dynamic of public reactions, find your largest influencers and to know emotions they spread and what possible problem they are having.

You will save time and use it to react to any possible threat.Multi­client management grants live access to several users, enabling them to follow the research themselves.

Custom Reports

Tailor made reports to keep you up to speed with your brands health

Custom Reports model allows you to have concise, crucial information right in front of you. Want to know your biggest influencer, posts that provoked the most public reactions, or where in the worldpeople express the most valuable reactions that can improve customer experience – custom reports provide answers to these and many more important questions regarding your chosen topic.

You will receive custom reports with all valuable information, infographic summary, as well as expert advice based on the results, allowing you to know where you are today and where to go further to grow your brand and improve reputation.