Detect a crisis before it happens

Set up a customized alert system that will notify you whenever a change relevant to you and your topic of choice occurs. Define movements that you classify as significant and track them in real-time. Monitor what's happening on the web regarding your brand using EMMA and all of her features. Define what's wrong. Is it a drop in mentions or a sudden rise in negativity? Address the problem and define a strategy that will guide you towards a solution.

Manage trend changes

Recognize repeating patterns of behavior in order to predict trend changes that can affect you and your business. One quick glance at your custom dashboard will show you what behaviors people express and how it can evolve.

Keep a close eye on the industry by tracking your competition's behavior and emerging topics that should be addressed.

Get notified when something new happens through custom alerts filter news by relevance.

Decide if the new trend is applicable to your business and react in real-time in order to preserve your online presence.

Profile your ideal customer

Personalize your messaging by finding the one key customer you want to address. Based on their interests, online habits, and interconnectivity, you can assess how important they are for your strategy and how you should approach them. Send the right message to the right address.

Track the sentiment of people talking about you and whether they are happy or not.

Find the key influencers who are the loudest in their communication and who are spreading the most buzz.

Get in touch with people who are your potential brand ambassadors and show you hear them and care about their opinion.

Boost your online presence

It is no longer enough just to be there. Today, you have to be everywhere. Your online presence is being monitored all the time with the whole worldwide digital population watching. Use the analytics as your key advisor and find the best way to stand out.

Analyze the audience and see if they are active or passive when it comes to how they feel about your brand.

Plan your activities accordingly and modify your marketing strategy in real-time to address all the issues regarding your online presence.

Track changes in the outcome and evaluate your plan in order to get the best results possible.

Monitor the success

When you have the knowledge and you are using it wisely, all you have to do is watch as the magic happens. Monitor how your brand grows, how the industry changes and what people are talking about you, so you can fine-tune all the future messages you will be sending to strengthen your reputation.

Monitor the data crucial to your brand strategy.

Use the analysis reports to refine your communication and marketing.

Watch and track the growth of your brand.